The History of WEL Support Services

"Men exist for the sake of one another. Teach them then or bear with them.   ~ Marcus Aurelius Antonius

Being part of a community of like-minded individuals brings satisfaction, fellowship, and a sense of belonging.  It also enables each member of the community to help the others grow and develop.  Such is the purpose of WEL Support Services, a community of business and organizational leaders dedicated to the growth and development of its members.

WEL Support Services was born from a small band of business owners who desired growth, and who held each other accountable for making progress toward achieving their personal and business goals.  At the heart of achieving these goalswas developing the values, the work ethic, and the leadership and management skills necessary to make it all happen.

As the members' success grew, so grew the interest in becoming a part of these "growth groups."  Thus the plan was formulated by the founding members to create an entity that was self-sustaining, with its primary goal of bringing to new members the same growth, the same personal development, the same success that the founders have achieved themselves.

The principles of organizational leadership, business management skills, and personal growth are universal, as evidenced by the diversity of its members and followers.  Since its official formation in 2010, WEL Support Services LLC has been continually evolving and growing, as this diversity  continues to expand.

The Mission of WEL Support Services

To be established as a support center that provides manegement skills knoweledge and leadership behavior to growing businesses and organizations;

To be recognized for who we are and what our community stands for based on the principle of growing people to serve others;

To offer a platform of member services and benefits where successful, focused and caring business owners will be held accountable and where they are offered an opportunity to build their business by contributing to, receiving from, and sharing in the successful relationships that other members have developed.

Our Guiding Values

To be steadfast, disciplined and to live a principled life at work, at home, at play and wherever we gather.