Continuing Education and ROI Tracking

posted 6/5/12 by Mike Foote

Bill of Mammoth Restoration has provided WEL Support Services with a wonderful testimonial on his use of WEL as a provider of Continuing Education (CE) services.  (Thank you, Bill!)

In his testimonial, Bill says that he knows he has gotten jobs from agents and adjusters because of their attendance at CE events, although he doesn't have any concrete numbers.  My question is, "does anyone?" 

True, it may be difficult to track such things; if you have an agency that you have developed a relationship with, and they attend your CE event, and they give you a job, is their referral a result of the relationship or of the CE event?

You could perhaps make a follow up call to the agent and ask them, depending on how close the relationship is.  The proximity of the referral to the CE event might also be a clue.

However you try to track it, it is still an essential piece of information for your business.  Where your jobs are coming from is important to know, so you can evaluate the efficiency of your marketing efforts.  At Tom Light's restoration business, when a claim comes in, these questions are asked right from the start - did the claim come through a vendor contract? a house account? an agent refferal? Did they see our billboard?  How did you get our name? This information is recorded on the claim intake sheet and input into Quickbooks, so all can track where we get our jobs.

How do you track the efficiency of your marketing efforts?  Let us know.