Business Management Skills Training

The Financial Boot Camp Workshop is a comprehensive training in Quick Books Pro to help businesses improve their profit and better manage both operations and sales. Course objectives are to enable individuals or businesses to do the following:

 *  Set up a full QuickBooks accounting system

*  Create a detailed claims management infrastructure

*  Determine your pockets of profitablility 

*  Generate reports by virtually every meaningful variable

*  Avoid the pitfalls of poor cash management


Using over-the counter software, our management system, allows the following management tools to become your resources for managing your business.  These are in addition to standard Profit and Loss balance statements. 


 *  Quick and timely analysis of production and performance statistics

*  Establish an integrated customer job-numbering system

*  Provide analysis of sales by MANY variables, i.e.: Performance data to

   production managers, team leaders, job types, etc

 *  Retrieve claims loss information to analyze profitability of each job

*  Develop the infrastructure for tiered management

*  Job costing:  track administrative, shop, and field costs

*  Perform cash flow projections


The business owner can then analyze meaningful data for business evaluation and planning.

This workshop consists of 3 - 3 hour sessions with breaks, usually presented over the course of two days.  Prices are event specific and vary depending on the size of the group participating.

Private onsite/offsite consultation is also available. 



Software Requirements:

QB Premier or Enterprise Solutions Edition (current version) 

Palo Alto Business Plan Pro

Standardized Chart of Accounts (COA)


For more information please contact us at 518-766-5616 or e-mail Tom Light at