John Maxwell Training

Barbara Light, Certified John Maxwell trainer

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Are you looking for a top-notch business development seminar?  An inspirational team-building workshop?  A high-flying keynote on leadership development and personal growth?  Hear from the best: the John Maxwell Team.

WEL Support Services is proud to have on its team Barbara Light, Certified John Maxwell trainer, speaker and coach.  With over twenty years' experience in business, Barbara adds her own personal touch to the already inspirational and practical John Maxwell content.

Barb's witty delivery brings the Maxwell content to you and your team in a format that is easy to grasp and ready to put into practice.  Grow yourself and your team with such programs as: 

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
Put Your Dreams to the Test
How to be a REAL Success
Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
Becoming a Person of Influence
Leadership Gold
Hire Barb for your next meeting, and let her help you to grow yourself, grow your people, and grow your business!

Read more about Barb Light here, and watch her video below!